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Common Types Of Home Locks

Every single window and door within a home serves as a potential site of entrance for those with unscrupulous motives; those who seek to unlawfully remove your property from your home. Of course all homes come equipped with locks but not all locks are created equal nor are all locks effective on all doors. Knowing which type of lock to utilize on which type of door can mean the difference between someone gaining unlawful entry to a home and a potential burglar being dissuaded or deterred from entering.

Common Exterior Door Locks

Pin tumbler locks or more commonly common exterior door locks are the most frequently used types of locks within homes. These are often used in conjunction with deadbolts to ensure criminals are kept out of a home and the family residing within safe. These types of locks can also be found on filing cabinets, gun cases, and even on some closet doors that house valuable items. These types of locks are simple in principle and can be rekeyed by a professional locksmith in order to make them even more secure. While these types of locks are extremely effective on exterior doors, they don't always work well for other types of doors and windows. If you're unsure of what type of lock to use on an interior door be sure to contact a locksmith.

Interior Door Locks

Among the most common of interior door locks there is the privacy lock. Privacy locks are most often found on bedroom, bathroom, and home office doors. These types of locks are excellent for those with children because they deter and prevent children from entering areas where they don't belong but can be picked rather easily and quickly should an emergency arise. Generally speaking privacy locks have a button or latch on one side of the door handle and activates the locking mechanism within. When said knobs are turned from the inside the locking mechanism releases. While privacy locks are certainly effective within a home when problems arise it's far easier and more affordable to purchase new privacy locks than it is to have a locksmith attempt to repair them.

Locks Plus Technology

Electronic locks have been around for ages though the technology only really began to take foot in homes over the last two decades. In more recent years electronic locks have become both extremely affordable and highly efficient thanks to rapid advancements in the technology surrounding them. The vast majority of electronic locks are operated by pushing numerical buttons. These are most commonly found near front and garage doors. By entering an entry code properly homeowners send an electronic signal through their devices which disengages the locking mechanism within electronic locks. Electronic locks range from very simple to the very elaborate and some even connect directly to a security service for further peace of mind and safety. As far as rekeying electronic locks goes, a professional locksmith can program new codes into electronic locks with relative ease although electronic locks that utilize biometrics may be more difficult to reprogram and more expensive.