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Locksmiths And Surveillance Technology

Unbeknownst to a great many persons, modern locksmiths do a great deal more than simply install locks, get people back into their cars, and repair locks. While locksmiths still perform these duties on a regular basis today's locksmiths also work with modern technologies to help improve the security of both homes and places of business. Here at Astro Locks we can repair the locks on your home, office, or automobile and we can also install new locks in the same areas. We are very proud of however are our surveillance services.

Surveillance Services For The Modern Era

The owners of Astro Locks understands that the key to good surveillance in today's computerized world is technology that works with and complements existing technologies. As a result they have constructed surveillance services that both homeowners and owners of businesses can take advantage of. Surveillance equipment can be installed and utilized to not only watch employees but car parks, walkways, entrances and exits, and even specific rooms within a home or the whole the home.

Closed-Circuit Television

While closed-circuit television is certainly not the new kid on the block when it comes to surveillance technology, the technology has evolved considerably since its inception and even greater over the last decade. Astro Locks can install closed-circuit television at any residence or place of business so that business and homeowners can monitor shrink, productivity, those who pass by or approach a home, and even areas that surround their home or place of business for added security.

Business Advantages

In addition to protecting a businesses assets and protecting its employees, business owners who utilize Astro Locks surveillance services may also be able to negotiate lower insurance rates for their office buildings, have the ability to record accidents, deter employee theft, and even monitor their business from a remote or off-site location.

Homeowner Advantages

Whereas business owners often have us install surveillance equipment to protect their financial assets and property, homeowners may do so as well. More often than not however they have surveillance equipment installed in order to monitor nanny activity, the activities of their children while away, and even find out who's at their front door without ever getting up off the couch. Homeowners can also have security equipment installed that works with their television sets, their computers and even mobile devices. These types of setups can help homeowners protect their family, their vehicles, and their belongings from unscrupulous and dangerous individuals.

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As a home or business owner it's very likely that you have a multitude of questions pertaining to our surveillance technologies and installation services. Should this be the case you may contact us any time and a friendly and knowledgeable member of our staff will be happy to provide you with a free quote and answer any questions you may have. We are Boston's number one locksmith company and cannot only help you gain entry into a home or vehicle you're locked out of the we can make your home, business, and even your vehicles more secure with our surveillance technology.