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Locks and Cylinders

Your Brookline Commercial Locksmith

Astro Locks has been servicing businesses in the greater Boston area for over two decades. In that time we have earned a reputation as being Brookline premiere locksmith service. Whether you’ve been locked out of your office, need panic bars installed, or need surveillance equipment installed, we’ve got your business covered. Our customers describe us as being fast, dependable, and honest. We place a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction and providing them with peace of mind. We adhere to a strict code of integrity and onsite conduct so that you, the customer, can feel confident knowing that your business, it’s employees, and it’s assets are safe and secure. Not only do we offer standard commercial locksmith services that include scheduled jobs but we also have emergency services that are available around the clock 365 days a year, without exception. Whether your business is having difficulty with electronic locks, broken keys, or some security measure, Astro Locks is there for you. Our emergency services have a very short response time and our technicians arrive at a job site within minutes of being contacted. Astro Locks is dedicated to protecting your business and ensuring the safety of its employees, data, and property. Our experience and love for what we do allows us to produce superior results and give unparalleled customer service. Our locksmiths work quickly, are personable, and work to foster trust in all of our customers.

Replace Locks and Cylinders

As is the case with nearly everything, locks eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Astro Locks can replace any type of lock within a business, office, or other commercial structure. This includes those locks that are part of safes, closets, and even lockers. Our Brookline MA locksmiths work quickly and can replace worn and damaged locks in a matter of minutes.

Keyless Main Entrance Locks

Some businesses utilize electronic systems for added security, especially at a building’s entryways. While these locks add an additional layer of security to a building they are not impervious to wear and tear nor malfunctioning. Not only does Astro Locks repair and replace keypads in commercial structures but we also install new key less entry systems as well.

Access Control Systems

Astro Locksmith specializes in access control systems for your business. We can together discuss and decide which type of system is most cost-effective and beneficial for your needs by comparison and capabilities

Repair Locks

In many instances, repair most types of locks (If repairable)

Re-Key Cylinders

Re-key any cylinder so that it works with existing key. This avoids having to make additional copies of new keys for your tenants. (Depending on if the new cylinder has the same keyway as the existing cylinder)

Locks and Cylinders Sale

Sell all types of locks and cylinders at great low prices. This option could be of great savings if the Superintendent of the building has the know-how of replacing locks

Evictions/Lockout Services

We work with Sheriffs & Constables to schedule Evictions of your tenants that you want removed from the premises

Master Key Systems

Astro Locksmith can easily prepare an efficient Master Key System for you properties. This means that you as the owner may reduce the amount of keys you carry for your multiple properties to one single key while your occupants have access only to doors that you permit their access to

Intercom Systems

Supply, install and repair


Doors and Hinges

Replace Doors

Astro Locksmith specializes in all commercial door replacements. Doors supplied are Heavy-Duty Metal or Wood depending on the application and the customer requirements. This includes Fire-Rated doors and Non-Fire-Rated doors

‘Roton’ Continuous Hinges

Supply & Install. This option, in most cases will save and bring a non-operating door to operable condition again for many years to come

Repair Doors & Hinges

There are scenarios in which doors and their hinges aren’t irreparably damaged and simply need some TLC. In cases such as these, Astro Locks can repair doors and their hinges so as to ensure that they return to and remain in proper working order. Damaged doors and hinges are considered hazardous and so we repair them in a relatively short period of time so that you, your employees, and customers can utilize your doors safely. Astro Locks repairs all types of doors and hinges as well. Note: Not all doors or hinges can be repaired.

Door Closers / Automated Openers

In a commercial structure doors must work properly if they are to keep persons from harm and allow safe passage from the interior of your office to the outside world. In the event of an emergency, you’ll want door closers and automated openers to be in good condition so as to allow people in and out of your building quickly. Astro Locks not only installs door closers and automated door openers but can repair and replace existing ones as well. Need a door fixed in a hurry? You needn’t worry as our 24 hour emergency services can handle that for you.


Emergency Exits

Panic Exit Devices

Supply & Install

‘Detex’ Alarm System for Controlled Exits

Supply & Install


Video Monitoring Systems (CCTV)

Video Monitoring System

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system for your property or business with long-term recording capabilities



Replace Mailbox Locks

Astro Locksmith offers quick and reliable mailbox lock (cylinder) replacements. This is usually recommended when moving to a new office, so that you know that your mail is safe and previous owners / users do not have any existing keys

USPS–Approved Mailboxes and Directories

Supply & Install

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