Commercial Lockout Services

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Commercial Lockout Services

Commercial lockouts disrupt business, schedules, and can cause employee motivation and morale to drop while they wait for access to their work spaces. All of these things cost a business time and money and most certainly will not sit well with customers. When a business manager or owner finds themselves locked out of their office they’ll want help that’s fast and affordable. There are no other acceptable solutions than those that are immediate.

Astro Locks is a Brookline locksmith service that has worked with businesses for over two decades. Our talented staff can subvert, repair, and even replace any type of lock at commercial locations and get you, the customer, back into your building. We understand that keys are sometimes misplaced, stolen, or break and that electronic locks can malfunction. As such our locksmiths arrive on site with the ability to cut new keys and even reprogram electronic locks should that be required of them.

Any Business, Any Lock

Businesses and commercial buildings come in many different sizes and we work with them all. Similarly, locks come in a wide variety of types, brands, and styles. We work with all types of locks be them traditional key locks or the more modern electronic and biometric locks. In our decades of operation we have successfully subverted, repaired, and installed all manner of locks. Moreover our locksmiths work quickly to get you back inside of your work space and you will never be made to wait around when additional work is required.

Quick Response Time

Whether it occurs during lunch time or in the middle of the night, a commercial lockout is an emergency. As such our locksmiths arrive on scene within minutes of contact and are available at all hours of the day and night. More to the point, Astro Locks is available 366 days a year which means you’ll never be without a reliable locksmith. We place a heavy emphasis on customer service and by adhering to high standards we hope to instill both confidence and peace of mind in persons who have been locked out of their business.

Free Quotes And Integrity

At Astro Locks we believe free quotes invaluable to persons in emergency need of a locksmith. Not only do we provide obligation free quotes during initial contact with our customers but we won’t change the cost of work and hold your keys/locks hostage in order to force you to pay for something you weren’t promised. While this bait and switch technique is a common form of dishonest business within the industry, operating this way is never in the best interest of our customers. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and providing free quotes and sticking to them is one way we work to satisfy the people we service.

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