Key-less Entry Options

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Key-less Entry Options

Key-less entry systems are one of the best solutions for a company that’s concerned with security. There are many different types of key-less systems and these range from the very basic keypad entry to the much more complex and effective bio metric systems. All key-less options however allow a business’ owners and managers to track exactly who enters and leave and when they do. They also provide homeowners with the highest level of security for their property and family.

Astro Locks is a Brookline locksmith service that installs and repairs key-less entry systems for businesses and homes all throughout the entire Boston area. Our goal is always to help businesses and homes be as secure as possible, simplify entry and exit security measures, and to offer peace of mind through state of the art key-less entry technologies. Astro Locks works with both residential and commercial customers.

Key-less Entry Examples

Electronic Deadbolts – Electronic deadbolts feature the durability of traditional deadbolt locks with the added bonus of keypad and code technology. While this type of lock can provide a business with a good deal of security, it’s best suited for homes. Furthermore, electronic deadbolts are generally inexpensive and therefore are a great first foray into keyless entry lock systems. Many of these locks allow home and business owners to have multiple codes programmed into them so that family members and employees can have their own unique codes.

Touchscreen Deadbolts – Very similar to traditional electronic deadbolts, touchscreen deadbolts swap out old fashioned keypads for a more modern and stylistic approach. Modern functionality and convenience in one system makes this a very popular choice among those who need to track room/home/building access. Many touchscreen models also work with mobile devices for added ease of use and security as well.

Fingerprint Locks – Any bio-metrical lock is going to offer a very high level of security and fingerprint locks are no exception. Although many of these types also feature some manner of keypad, be it traditional or touchscreen, finger prints are truly unique to a person and can not be duplicated, stolen, nor borrowed. Fingerprint locks are a tremendous boon to a business’ security but can be used at a place of residence as well. Whether you want to protect your family or something more, fingerprint locks are a sure fire way to keep unwanted people out of your home or business.

Wholly Key-less Locks – While the vast majority of key-less locks feature a key lock as a backup option, these are true keyless lock systems. These units rely on battery power and will become inoperable if batteries die. Battery life however is generally very good in these types of units and can even be revived long enough to unlock an entry way by simply holding a 9 volt battery up to the units contact points. These locks work well for both businesses and homes.

Key-less Garage Locks – Key-less garage locks feature both a keypad for manual access as well as clicker access. These types of locks are handy for persons whom keep valuables in their garage and want to ensure no one but the right people enter. Codes can be reprogrammed easily and many units allow for multiple codes to be programmed so that a homeowner can keep track of who is entering and leaving their garage as well as when they are coming and going.

Modern Lock Technology

As mentioned previously, Astro Locks installs and repairs key-less entry systems at both residences as well as commercial buildings. We take great pride in offering reliable Boston locksmith services and the highest level of customer service. We want the key-less entry systems we install to instill peace of mind and confidence in our customers and aim to not only meet client expectations but exceed them as well.

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