Master Keys: Taking Control Over Your Business

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Master Keys: Taking Control Over Your Business

The larger a business grows the greater its need for security will be. Security concerns range from data protection all the way over to locks and doors. Not every employee needs to have access to every part of a work place and ensuring that employees and visitors don’t have access to data, products, and money that they have no business with reduces the risk of shrink and other types of unscrupulous behaviors.

For very large businesses as well as those that work with money and other highly valuable commodities, employing this type of security can be cumbersome. This is because traditionally, a business will need multiple locks and matching keys for all the different parts of their office or building. This in turn can make it difficult to keep track of not just keys whereabouts but who is coming and going from specific areas within a business. This type of scenario can be exploited by crafty, patient, and unprincipled persons. Many business owners stick with traditional keys and locks simply because they are unaware that there is a much better option available to them.

Master Key Systems

Master key systems allow different people access to different rooms with just one key. The flexibility and control of master key systems allows business owners and managers to keep a close and accurate eye on who is going where at all times. Furthermore, master key systems make organizing department responsibilities and security extremely easy. Being that master key systems function electronically, the coming’s and going’s of employees and visitors is automatically logged. This dissuades unethical employee behavior and also raises culpability throughout an entire company.

Total Control

One of the biggest advantages to utilizing a mastery key system throughout your business is that they allow you to determine which employees have access to which rooms. Moreover this access can be granted and restricted on the fly as needed. Another element of control in master key systems is the ability open cylinder locks throughout a building with just one key. This includes a business’ main entrance, internal doors, and even those associated with parking garages. As long as the cylinder locks in a building are the same, a master key system can control them no matter what they protect.

Examples Of Master Key System Keys

General Master Key – General master keys are reserved solely for business owners and trusted security personnel. These keys are programmed to open all doors throughout a building without exception.

Master Key – Business managers and senior executives are generally holders of this type of master key. Such keys open nearly all doors/locks in a work space save for those few that owners wish to keep restricted. These might include doors that access money, sensitive client or employee data. Of course these keys can be given access to these specialized areas too when needed.

Sub-master Keys – Mid level managers are often carries of sub-master keys. These are usually the most common type of key issued in a master key system as they allow employees access to a building’s entrance, break rooms, bathrooms, and of course the doors to different departments. These keys help managers open and close a business and ensure everyone has access to everything they need to work. There are also sub-master keys given to secretaries and members of specialized teams that will inevitably need access to records, data, finances, and even products.

General Access Keys – In businesses where security is a chief concern employees may need keys to access areas such as break rooms, bathrooms, and even their own work space. Master key systems give owners and managers the ability to issue such access in the most secure way possible without having to open these locks themselves.

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