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Correctly Install Your Panic Bar For Your Business

Panic Bar & Push Bar Installation

Panic Bar & Push Bar Installation

Panic and push bars are an absolute must for commercial buildings. Such bars can be installed on any type of door in order to provide quick and easy exits to your employees, customers, and guests. Panic and push bars allow people to exit your building quickly without the need for any keys, codes, or key cards. These bars also allow people to leave your building unescorted so that your employees can continue being productive. Also known as crash bars, these convenient contraptions are must haves for businesses with more than a handful of employees.

Let Astro Locks Help

Astro Locks installs, repairs, and replaces panic bars and ensures they meet OSHA specifications and codes at all times. It matters not whether your business is a restaurant, some form of retail store, or club, on the chore panic bars be in good working order all to avoid penalties from OSHA and to allow for quick escape in the event of an emergency. It’s also important to remember panic and push bars are not the same thing as fire doors though fire doors often include panic bars as well. In addition to providing safety for the people working in and visiting your office, panic bars can help keep a business’ insurance costs stay reasonable.

Our commercial locksmith panic bar services are surprisingly affordable and even better, we are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our year round emergency locksmith services allows businesses to contact us anytime day or night and get the help they need quickly. Our response time is normally a matter of minutes after contact and we work just as quickly in order to provide our customers with the peace of mind they need. We can install, repair, and replace panic bars both during and after business hours. Our knowledgeable and personable staff is always at the ready to provide you with both free quotes an unparalleled customer service.

Why Choose Commercial Locksmith Services in Brookline?

With so many locksmiths operating within the greater Boston area, you may be asking yourself what exactly differentiates Astro Locks from its competitors? For starters Astro Locks places a heavy emphasis on both customer service and satisfaction. We are not satisfied with our work unless our customers are. Secondly, we operate with integrity; something that is often lacking the locksmith in industry. We provide our customers with free quotes we never change those quotes after work is done nor do we ever attempt to extort money from our customers simply because we know they’re in need. Bait and switch tactics are a foreign and disingenuous concept to us. If our 20 plus years of experience has taught us anything it’s that customers appreciate honesty, integrity, and value more than anything else. We deliver all three in spades. Our business operates on and adheres to small business practices and ethics. We’re fully licensed and bonded for your protection and we seek to build a rapport with our customers and build long-term relationships.

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