Do I need a Fire-Rated Door?

Many commercial buildings today require the use of fire-rated doors. Generally, these are doors that can withstand smoke, fire, and heat. Businesses may want to invest in these fire rate doors as a safety measure since it helps protect employees, customers, and the property.
If you are in the process of updating the doors in your establishment or place of business, make sure to consider the facts we talk about in this article.

The Law May Require Installing Fire Doors

In a commercial construction setting, the law may mandate that you install fire-rated doors. Now, if you are not sure about the national or local building codes, we can always help you. We work with clients throughout the country and can help guide you through adhering to local fire codes pertaining to your doors.

Stairwells and Elevators May Require Fire Doors

One of the biggest selling points for fire doors is that they help shield occupants of an elevator or those in the stairwell from smoke and fire in the event of a fire. The added protection makes it possible to get the occupants evacuated swiftly and safely. If anything, it ensures that a possible emergency does not turn into an otherwise preventable tragedy.

Fire Doors Are Important For Areas With A Vulnerable Population

We would say that the healthcare industry and educational institutions are two places where installing fire-rated doors are essential. That means nursing homes, restaurants and hotels need to invest in fire-rated doors. Since the elderly and children are often at these places, the use of fire-rated doors and related hardware helps improve safety for vulnerable sections of the population.

Alarms and Other Hardware Can Further Improve The Safety Offered By Fire-rated Doors

In addition to installing fire-rated doors, they should also be connected to alarm systems so that they can close on their own in the event of a fire. Kick plates, bolts, and other systems can make the place much safer to exit.

Fire Doors Give People Confidence

Customers, patients, patrons, and employees have the peace of mind knowing that they are safe when entering your business, knowing that the doors have features that will protect them.

You can find out about the many benefits of fire-rated doors and which ones work best for various commercial properties by calling us today. Whether you need to install a single fire-rated door or multiple throughout a building, we can help you find the right doors to ensure your building is up to code.

Jennifer JarvisDo I need a Fire-Rated Door?