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Locksmith Brookline MA

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There are many reasons a person may wish to procure the services of a locksmith. Home and automobile lockouts are not as uncommon as one might think nor are broken keys, malfunctioning locks, and lost keys. Of course locksmiths also install security equipment at both places of business as well as homes and can also upgrade the locks of residences and commercial buildings.

Locksmiths are everywhere these days and easy to find with mobile devices while one is out and about. This isn’t to suggest that all Brookline MA locksmiths are reputable and operate with integrity however. Many locksmiths use questionable business tactics and like to change their prices once work is done. At Astro Locks we adhere to higher standards of service principals and always put people first. We understand that when one requires the help of a locksmith it’s usually born out of great need, even when it isn’t an emergency. We are the premier locksmith service in the Boston area and have been servicing both home and business owners for years.

Residential Locksmith Brookline

A typical house may make use of a multitude of different keys. There is of course the front and back entryways into a home that usually utilize the same key but a home may also feature window locks, some manner of electric locks, and different locks for different rooms including those found on safes. While the idea of multiple lock systems is a good, it can also be problematic when keys are lost, stolen, break, or locking mechanisms malfunction or outright fail. Such occurrences can be frustrating, especially when there is an urgency accompanying the scenario. When any of the aforementioned happen it’s important not to panic or rush to replace anything. Doing so can be more costly than hiring a locksmith. Instead keep Astro Locks in mind and contact us for assistance. We can extract broken keys from locks, replace locks entirely, reprogram electronic and biometric locks, and even cut new keys on site for fast and efficient service. Whether you find yourself locked out of your home or you simply want your home re-keyed, Astro Locks has got your covered.

  • Home Lock Outs – Home lockouts are a result of misplaced keys, stolen keys, broken keys, or broken locks. Home lockouts can be troublesome especially when they occur in the middle of the night and when one is in a hurry. It’s important to remember however that a reputable locksmith is always just a phone call away. Astro Locks has been helping people get back into their homes for decades and does so quickly. Our technicians arrive in company vehicles that are equipped to handle any lockout scenario. We can cut you new keys on site and can even repair and install new locks should a particular scenario demand it.
  • Key Replacement – Key replacement lockouts are the easiest lockout scenario to remedy. All of our vehicles contain key cutting tools and those which allow our technicians to program new electronic locks for your home. The process is completed quickly so there is little wait time involved. We’ll have you back in your home in a matter of minutes in the majority of cases.
  • Lock Changes For New Homes – A homeowner may need a locksmith to install new locks all throughout their abode for a number of reasons. Chief among these comes shortly after purchasing a home. For safety and security a home’s new owners may hire a locksmith to change all the locks at their new home. Moreover, landlords usually opt to change out their home’s locks after a tenant has moved out, especially in cases where a tenant left suddenly. Astro Locks works with homeowners, renters, property management companies, and landlords to ensure the safety of their property and tenants by re-keying their homes.

Commercial Locksmith Brookline

Just as is the case with homes, commercial buildings usually employ multiple lock systems in order to protect their assets. Not only do locksmiths install, repair, and replace locks in commercial structures but they also do the same with surveillance technology, closed circuit television, and a variety of electronic locks. When you’re dealing with locks, the needs of a business are more more complicated, stringent, and detailed than when you are dealing with a residence. Astro Locks has been helping businesses of all styles and sizes secure their assets and protect their employees for years. In addition to the aforementioned, we also install panic bars, automatic door closers, and master key systems.

Auto Locksmith Brookline

Like home and business owners, automobile owners often find themselves requiring assistance from a trusted and reputable locksmith. People find themselves locked out of the cars all the time and often deal with broken locks, lost keys, broken keys, and failed locks. Astro Locks can subvert the lock of any vehicle, regardless of make and model, and can both cut new keys and program new key fobs on site so that you can get back on the road quickly. Should a car require new locks or repairs on existing locks Astro Locks can also help. Our friendly locksmiths will provide you with a free quote and then arrive on scene within minutes of contact so that you’ll never be left waiting anxiously for help. We not only help car owners gain access to their vehicles but can open trunks, glove boxes, mobile safes, and even rekey ignition switches.

Why Choose Astro Locks?

Astro Locks operates with an integrity and honesty that isn’t always present in the Brookline MA locksmith industry. Our top priorities at Astro Locks is people and outstanding customer service. When you hire a locksmith you not only want access to your home, building, car, or something installed, but you want peace of mind too. We are the most trusted name in locksmithing throughout the entire Boston area. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and every day of the year. Offering round the clock services is a must because people need a locksmith at all hours of the day and night, not just during business hours. When you need us Astro Locks will be there.

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