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Always Keep A Spare Key Around! You Never Know When You Will Need It!

Key Duplication

Key Duplication

Hey, I have one key. Why should I also have a duplicate key? What’s the point? I just don’t get it. It’s just so I’ll give my hard earned bucks to some lazy locksmith. If I was a locksmith, I’d do the same thing. I’d get people to copy their keys, then I’d never have to get up in the middle of the night, find them and get them going again.

Right! If you’ve ever lost an important key, you know exactly why a duplicate key would have been a great idea. Keys don’t just get up and walk away but that may seem like what happened. The truth hurts, but the wise man has copies or duplicates of all his keys. The gals would be wise to follow that rule as well.

When you walk into your home, finished with the day’s chores many just throw their keys down, and don’t even watch where they land. So the next time you need them, you could spend many precious minutes or possibly hours searching for the carelessly dropped keys.

The wise person has a place where they always put their keys. It could be on a hook, or in a bowl in a drawer. The problem arises when the key is exactly where you put it, but you’re outside your vehicle and can’t get in. Then what do you do? Your key is the problem. Right?

No, the Locksmith is the wise one here. If you’ve been meaning to contact the local Locksmith, but just never did . . . until that one key is lost, damaged, or stolen. Why would anyone steal a key?

Well maybe they couldn’t resist taking it because it was just sitting there, right out in the open, and maybe later they could get your car to go with that stolen key. Was it a friend who took it? Or possibly the gardener? Or the babysitter? Or your kid that couldn’t or shouldn’t even drive.

All Things Locks

The wise Locksmith has the knowledge and where-with-all to provide you with remotes, transponders, smart access proximity keys, card keys, keys for nearly all types of vehicles including American made, and imported models. His list of vehicles include cars, SUVs, trucks, pickups, and even motorcycles. And if that’s not enough, he can get you into your home as well.

The nice thing about that local locksmith, his shop is open from 9-5 unless an emergency calls him away. Keep his cell phone number close if you decide you don’t need duplicate keys. Chances are, you will need him, and when that unexpected need rears its ugly head, you may be across town or in the next county, and you’ll have to pay him travel miles too.

So be wise. When you get a few extra minutes, instead of stopping at the ‘In and Out’ drive to the Locksmith’s place of business. Take your keys with you, even those that you thought you had to go to the dealership to buy duplicates.

You’ll be amazed and you’ll tell your friends how easy it was to get the necessary keys for emergencies instead of waiting until you’re miles away from home and really need help. The nice part of thinking ahead, you’ll make a friend with the Locksmith. He’ll save you lots of money that you would have paid to the dealership for the same key.

Emergency Locksmith Services

You can plan for emergencies, you don’t need to wait for something to happen. No one expects to have problems, and they usually hit at the worst possible time. Like the time when you were late for work because you stopped at the donut shop and left your keys locked safely in your car. Or when you couldn’t find your keys when your wife was in labor. Your first baby wasn’t due for another two weeks, but her pains were five minutes apart, in the middle of the night, and she’s crying.

Or possibly the boss asked you to be the key speaker at that important dinner meeting. Your tie is dirty and there’s a spot in the middle of your white shirt, and your shoes need polishing, and you’re late again, where are those keys?

Or the time it was your first meeting of your girl’s parents and planned to be there at a certain time, and you’re already late. Keys, where are they?

Stop stalling, get in touch with that Locksmith, at those difficult times, he could be your best friend. Call now to make an appointment.

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