Car Key Replacement in Brookline

We can replace any car key or fob!

Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement in Brookline

There are a multitude of reasons one might need a replacement key for their vehicle. Car keys are easily misplaced, forgotten, stolen, and broken. When one realizes that they can not either enter their vehicle and/or operate it due to any of the aforementioned it can lead to feelings of panic and frustration but it doesn’t have to be that way. Having access to a reputable and experienced locksmith when you find yourself in such a situation can make the aforementioned emotions and experiences a moot point.

As Brookline MA car key replacement specialists, Astro Locks offers automotive locksmith services designed to get you back into your vehicle and on the road as quickly as possible. Our services are both affordable and our decades worth of experience means you will receive the type of care you and your car deserve. Customer service and satisfaction sit atop our list of priorities so you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands when you call us for help.

All Keys, All Cars

Many a car owner fears that their local Brookline locksmith won’t be able to help them when they require new keys simply because their car is too old, too new, or is some obscure foreign import. Astro Locks technicians travel in vehicles that are equipped to create keys for all makes and models of cars. It matters not if your vehicle came factory equipped with some form of electronic lock or your custom street rod needs a new set of keys, Astro Locks can create new keys and program new key fobs and transponder chips on site. The process takes mere minutes which means we can create you additional spare keys without any substantial additional wait time.

We can replace any car key, not matter what the brand is. Boston auto locksmith!

Broken Keys

Car keys endure a great deal of abuse. As if their repeated insertion and removal from locks and ignition switches wasn’t enough, keys are often tossed onto counters, dropped onto floors, spend time in extreme temperatures, and are stored on rings with other keys that constantly mash up against one another. All of these actions/occurrences cause already malleable car keys to become rather fragile and eventually break off inside of locks. Not only will car owners with broken keys need new keys but may also need their locks either repaired or replaced. Our technicians will first extract broken keys from your car and then inspect the health of the affected lock. Should a lock require repair, that can be done on site as can the complete replacement of a lock/ignition switch. Broken keys are no problem for our talented staff.

Cost Of Key Replacement

The cost of replacing your car keys varies from every car and situation. Lost keys alone are inexpensive because replacement requires no more than a cutting a new key. Keys that have broken off inside of locks or ignitions however will inevitably cost a bit more as a Brookline locksmith must perform additional work to remedy the situation. More modern cars requiring key fobs may also carry a higher cost though these and all of the aforementioned are relatively inexpensive especially when you juxtapose the rates of a dealership with those of a locksmith.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Needing replacement keys for your car isn’t a time specific occurrence. Instead keys are misplaced, stolen, and broken at all times of the day. People find themselves without their car keys while on vacation, during holidays, and the middle of the night while in unfamiliar neighborhoods. Astro Locks operates around the clock and can arrive on site to help you regardless of when you contact us. We are a 24/7/365 emergency locksmith service that has built a rapport and well earned trust with clients in and around the Boston area.

Honesty, Integrity, Trust

Astro Locks prides itself on customer satisfaction and in providing the very best in customer service. We operate with integrity and honesty and work hard at establishing trust and peace of mind with each and every customer we encounter. Putting people first is a big part of what has made us Brookline’s premier Car Key Replacement service. We offer free quotes and never utilize the all too common bait and switch techniques that some locksmiths use against desperate and panicked persons. Our focus is getting you back into your car and on your way as quickly as possible without hassle nor every changing price points.

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