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Home Lockout

When you find yourself at your front door and you realize you do not have the key, your first thought may be to just break a window. But that in itself will be a costly mistake, because you’ll have to replace the window. Moreover, if your home is protected by a security system they will immediately call the authorities. Calling a local locksmith should be your first option, but many people simply don’t want to spend the money and think the locksmith is a bit of annoyance. Let me tell you some of the stories how some have been locked out and what they did as they tried to save a few bucks.

The Dead Of Winter

One of the funniest cases was the brave man in mid-winter in his flimsy robe decided to pick up the morning newspaper. Normally his wife picked it up and left it on the kitchen table before she left for work. That morning though he could see the paper clear out on the parkway on the busy street. He decided that he would sneak out and pick up the paper and rush back into the house. He managed that without difficulty, but just as he got back to his front door, it slammed shut and left him there startled. He reached down to open the door, but the door was locked tight. He rang the doorbell even though he figured his wife was already gone to work. He checked the sides of the house, but the gates on the back fence were locked as well. He knew his neighbors left early so he sat on the small bench on the porch and read the paper.

He saw an advertisement in the paper for a locksmith, so he walked to the corner store with the option to phone the locksmith. Before he got there, a police car drove up and behind them a man with a camera. To make a long story short, it was hours before he was returned home. His picture in the next day’s paper left nothing to anyone’s imagination. He could have avoided the embarrassment if he had had a spare key hidden outside near the front door. Another emergency lockout occurred when a toddler was left alone in a home and locked the door but was unable to unlock it.

Other Emergency Lockout Scenarios

So what other emergencies could a locksmith handle if only you had his telephone number in your own cell phone.

1. Locked out of your home with your cell and keys inside.
2. An inside door that is securely locked
3. The sliding door needs new locks
4. The windows need secure locks
5. A safe with a combination lock that can’t be open
6. Copy any key, home, office or car
7. Change your locks with one (or more) master keys
8. Keys broken in locks
9. Help you keep your locks locking securely

Why Choose Astro Locks As Your Brookline Locksmith?

We are a reputable business licensed and bonded to protect ourselves and our customers.
We are also members of the local Better Business Bureau. If you are in doubt about your home security, for a nominal fee, we will check your entire home to make sure your home is secure and safe against all intruders. We will advise you if your locks need to be changed or upgraded and we will tell you the estimated cost then we’ll fix them.

We can do this even if you have a security system that you installed yourself. Some of the security business will check your home or business locks. Often when a business allows their employees access to the entire building, they may want it to be more secure by installing areas where you and you only have the master key. You will be assured that the new locks will do their job unless that intruder breaks the entire door down, and the locks will remain locked.

Another thing that has come to our attention are dead bolts. Many states have outlawed them because you need a key to unlock the door in case of fire or other catastrophes. They hit unexpectedly and a person would be locked inside without the key. We wouldn’t even attempt to break that law and urge others to follow that rule.

A Brookline locksmith cannot solve all your problems but we do urge you to find out in advance what your lock problems might be in the near future. We can help you do that so please give us a call and together we will all be safe.

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