Residential Locksmith Services in Brookline

We offer a variety of residential services to keep your house secured

Emergency Lockout        Locks and Cylinders        Doors and Hinges        Mailboxes        Video Monitoring Systems (CCTV)

Emergency lockout


$ 85

  • 9:00AM - 4:30PM
  • 15-45 minuntes response time


$ 95

  • 4:30PM - 9:00PM
  • 15-45 minuntes response time


$ 135

  • 9:00PM - 9:00AM
  • 15-45 minutes response time
Emergency ?

Locks and Cylinders

Astro Locksmith is a certified Mul-T-Lock locksmith

High-Security Locks and Cylinders

Astro Locksmith is proud to offer the highest standard of High-Security Locks in the region – Mul-T-Lock. Mul-T-Lock carries any product to integrate with your existing lock/key hardware. The technology ranges from the simplest home hardware to the most complex commercial application

Re-Key Cylinders

Re-key any cylinder so that it works with your existing key. This avoids having to make additional copies of new keys for your household (depending on if the new cylinder has the same keyway as your existing cylinder). Also, when you re-key cylinders, ask us if we can replace the cylinders in your existing locks with Mul-T-Lock cylinders instead

Replace Locks and Cylinders

Replace all types of locks and cylinders including High-Security pick-proof and drill-proof locks as well

Repair Locks

In many instances, repair certain types of locks (If repairable)


Doors and Hinges

Doors & Break-In Repairs

We specialize in most residential door repairs due to misalignment issues or a Break-In incident. When a Break-In occurs due to burglary or Fire Department’s forced entry, your door frame is usually the part that breaks. We have the ability to repair your existing broken door frame so that you may once again secure your property. We use the best hardware available to perform these repairs and make your entrance even more secure than it was before the incident

Replace Broken Hinges

Astro Locksmith offers any and all work on hinges and proper door operation to ensure safe entrance and egress from your home or office, including Heavy-Duty traffic applications

Chime & Peephole Installation

Chime & Peephole Installation/Replacement. Also cordless chimes



Replace Mailbox Locks

Astro Locksmith offers quick and reliable mailbox lock (cylinder) replacements. This is usually recommended when moving to a new home, so that you know that your mail is safe and previous owners / users do not have any existing keys

Mail Slots

Mail Slots – Replace or Install new


Video Monitoring Systems (CCTV)

We offer CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) solutions for every need including hidden cameras for in-home childcare surveillance

For more information check out our Surveillance page.