Simple Ways to Improve Home Security Part 2

We spoke previously about five affordable and simple ways to improve your home’s security. In keeping with that theme here are the final five affordable solutions for improving home security.

Know Your Neighbors

While is very easy and very tempting to keep to yourself and stay out of your neighbor’s business it is actually a very good idea to get to know your neighbors even if it’s only on a very casual or limited basis. Knowing your neighbors and becoming friendly them with places an extra set of eyes on your home. Friendly neighbors are more apt to look out for your home while you’re away than are neighbors you don’t know. It’s also a good idea to listen closely to neighborhood gossip. Many times one homeowner may notice a stranger lurking around the neighborhood when others have not. When your neighbors are talking it’s a good idea to listen for this reason alone.

Clean That Garage

You may not think it important but a garage can be a huge deterrent or an open invitation to thieves and burglars. A cluttered garage stuffed full of old furniture and other belongings may be just what a burglar or thief is looking for. Keeping a garage clean however and a car parked inside of it can be a real deterrent to unscrupulous persons because it will make it difficult for them to track when you come and go and exactly what belongings are in your garage. A neat and organized garage with a car inside of it can dramatically increase your home security, provided the door is shut the majority of the time.

Left In The Dark?

Dark houses are houses that are easily burglarized and/or vandalized. The reasoning behind this is simple really in that the less light there is on or around a home the easier it is to avoid being seen. Dark houses are often the first houses that burglars target. Adding some exterior lighting to a home, even if it’s only a simple motion sensor light in front of the garage or driveway, goes a long way in deterring criminal activity. Though even a small amount of light helps deter criminal activity, the more you can add the better. Fortunately there are many affordable solutions available at local home improvement stores.

The Walls Of Your Home

Even the most secure homes remain at risk for burglary or theft and therefore it’s a very good idea to consider hiding your valuables in some of the unused spaces within your home. One of the most overlooked spaces within a home is the space in between its walls. These spaces are excellent spaces in which to hide jewelry, money, and other types of valuables. These spaces can be utilized by way of fake electrical outlets or other types of wall decor. Access to these spaces will look inconspicuous and will largely be ignored by anyone who may enter your home.

Unlocked Doors And Windows

You may think it second nature for most people and even for yourself but you’d be amazed at just how often homeowners leave their home without locking their doors and windows. Sometimes they’re leaving in a hurry, other times they simply forget, and sometimes homeowners erroneously believe that there is little to no chance of being burgled. Ensuring that windows and doors are both shut and locked prior to leaving your home is perhaps the most affordable way to increase the security of your home and definitely the simplest.

amnonSimple Ways to Improve Home Security Part 2