How Durable Are Steel Doors?

How Durable Are Steel Doors?

Many commercial property owners invest in a steel door mainly because it is seen as being an extremely durable and difficult to bypass security mechanism. While steel doors aren’t cheap, they offer many benefits, particularly to commercial property owners which makes them the best choice for both the exit and entry doors.

If you’re a business owner and have been on the fence about steel doors we’ll go into why they are worth the investment.

Why Choose Steel Doors?

We have been installing steel doors for commercial property owners for years. One of the things that just about every business owner has said is that they (steel doors) are reliable, highly durable, and last for decades.

Professional installation like the type we provide also means that the steel doors continue to perform for decades without them warping like wooden doors. On average steel doors can last for 30 years if not more when properly maintained. We strongly advise that business owners with steel doors make sure that they get their doors maintained, and because the cost of servicing them isn’t high, should ensure that their doors are inspected annually.

Steel doors are secure which is one of the leading reasons why they are doors of choice for business owners. Knocking down a steel door isn’t easy even for the most well equipped thief. However, you need to pair the steel door with an equally impervious lock.

Furthermore, you might also want to invest in a fire-rated steel door which can protect your property and employees in the event of a fire. The standard steel door can only stand up to attempted break-ins.

Steel Door Applications

Steel door applications vary quite a bit mainly because they are so versatile. Steel doors for starters can be found across commercial properties of all types, and even used in offices, retail stores, and doctors’ offices. Schools also invest in steel doors to ensure security. However, many properties will require that a fire-rated steel door be used to protect products and merchandise in the event of an inferno at the store or place of business.

Also, insurance carriers tend to offer businesses with steel doors lower premiums especially when it comes to theft or fire damage insurance. All of this is what makes these doors such a wise investment.


Now that you’re aware of why steel doors are the doors of choice for many if not all business owners, make sure that you hire a professional company to install them. We specialize in installing steel doors of all types and sizes. Our team can also help you choose the right steel door for your business based on our experience.

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