How To Avoid Locksmith Scams?

Most people wouldn’t expect a locksmith to scam them; after all, you don’t read much about locksmith scams in the news. However, many people search Google or use a search engine to find locksmith services and related products. Most scammers know this and may take advantage of the often large number of people searching for these services. If you happen to live in the Boston area, it is worth being aware of common locksmith scams. Being aware of these scams can help you save a pretty penny.

The Locksmith Scam

We want to start by letting people know that not all locksmiths are scammers. Most Boston locksmiths are honest, talented, and hardworking Americans. However, the internet has made it challenging to find a locksmith that’s worth what they charge because of all locksmiths taking advantage of people. The few bad applesin the bunch have given the industry a bad name. The good news is that most of their tactics are known and can be avoided.

Below are a few common tactics you should be aware of when hiring a locksmith.

The Too Good To Be True Deal – The trick scammers use to bait customers with is a very low price. You may see prices like $14.99 and up for a locksmith service in Boston. Our advice is to move on. No locksmith will come over to your home or place of business to open a lock for a cheap price. If it won’t even cover their cost in gas to get over to you then it’s too good to be true.

Subcontractors Instead Real Locksmiths – When you call a business that advertises a low price, it is often the case that the work has been outsourced to a subcontractor. Most of these subcontractors are just glorified handymen without a license. However, these people will take the most expensive route to fix your problem.

Bait and Switch – After you have called the company and decided to hire them to do whatever you want at that sparking low price, the locksmith is going to switch up the price. The locksmith will explain why this job is more expensive than initially agreed, convincing you to pay seven or eight times more. In most cases it is better to ask these guys to leave and find someone who is a legit Boston locksmith.

Every industry has its fair share of scammers with the locksmith industry being no different. You can bypass all of this by just hiring a licenced locksmith with lots of positive reviews to prove that they do a good job. Astro Locksmith LLC has more than 20 years of experience and focus on providing honest services at an affordable price. If you want to hire a locksmith that’s honest and transparent, call our team today.

Jennifer JarvisHow To Avoid Locksmith Scams?