Locksmithing: Behind the Locked Door

If you mention the word locksmith to somebody you’ll likely find that the word and the job are synonymous with emergencies. Digging a little deeper and asking the same persons how much they actually know about locksmithing and you’ll find that they know very little at best. Most people will tell you that a locksmith gets people into their vehicles and their homes and that this is the extent of their knowledge/skill. The truth however is that there is a lot to locksmithing and a lot that is required of persons who aspire to become a locksmith.

Individuals interested in becoming a locksmith usually start out by undergoing an apprenticeship. Locksmith apprenticeships usually occur with independent locksmiths rather than large locksmithing firms though this isn’t always the case. Additionally individuals must also take college courses to learn the ins and outs of locksmithing. This includes all things related to keys, locks, and electronics that protect residences and commercial structures. After they have completed their apprenticeship and college education an aspiring locksmith can begin working full time for either a larger company or as their own boss.

What many laypersons would never guess is that locksmithing is considered an art by those who instruct aspiring locksmith’s and those who’ve made it their career. In fact so great an art is it that Harry Houdini worked as a locksmith just prior to his career as an illusionist/magician. Professional locksmiths do a lot more than simply push a slim jim down the car window and open the door. Every type of lock requires a different approach and good locksmiths spend considerable time being taught the art of locksmithing prior to ever assisting any customers.

Another interesting fact that many laypersons are ignorant of is that properly trained and experienced locksmiths are capable of duplicating just about any type of key. This includes keys that are marked with “do not duplicate” or those that are proprietary in nature. Good locksmiths not only have the experience needed to duplicate these types of keys but have the tools to do so as well. Finding a locksmith that can duplicate any key can sometimes be difficult but is invaluable should you ever need one.

Something else that individuals remain unaware of is that locksmiths are not only extremely adept at creating keys and repairing/installing locks but are experts with deadbolts as well. Seeing as how a great many calls locksmiths receive are for issues with deadbolts, professionals have become extremely adept at circumventing them, installing new ones, and repairing damaged ones. It’s a good thing that locksmiths are deadbolt experts too as faulty installation of one can allow unscrupulous individuals easy access to your things.

Unbeknownst to a large majority of homeowners locksmiths are often defined by the skill set they specialize in. Of course many locksmiths combine a number of skill sets such as mechanic, machinist, and security expert although there are those that specialize in just residential, commercial, or automotive services. It behooves homeowners to ask any locksmith that they’re considering hiring whether or not they offer the type of services they either need or will need down the line. Finding this out well in advance will help an individual either move forward with hiring one or move on to someone who better suits their needs. Fortunately locksmiths that combine all of the aforementioned skills are not all that difficult to find.

Unfortunately and until an emergency arises many individuals do not realize that the pricing of locksmith services may change based on circumstance and time of day. While all legitimate and ethical locksmiths will quote somebody a price before ever beginning work so that customers know what they’re getting into, most locksmiths charge more significant fees for jobs that require them to get out of bed, leave their home during a holiday, or deal with a significantly difficult problem. While it’s likely most laypersons will continue to think of locksmiths as just persons who unlock their doors there’s much more to them and much more to consider prior to hiring or working with one.

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