Simple Ways to Improve Home Security Part 1

There are those people who feel protecting their homes is beyond their reach both in terms of technology and financially. Nothing could be further from the truth however. Even without spending an exorbitant amount of money on elaborate alarm system, a home can be protected by addressing a number of little things. These little things can increase your homes security a great deal and go a long way in preventing unscrupulous individuals from gaining entry or even considering the attempt.

Change Locks And Passcodes

Those who seek unlawful entry into a home often do so with a simple key or passcode. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to increase the security of your home is to have its locks and any passcodes associated with its alarm systems changed. When dealing with traditional or old-fashioned locks the process is fairly simple and you can purchase new locks on any home improvement store. The process is fairly simple for existing alarm systems as well and require little more than a phone call and a request from the homeowner to have codes changed. Any time you experience a life change, be it a move, lost keys, a breakup, or scare, it’s a good idea to have locks changed immediately. Not only can a homeowner do this on their own but many locksmiths also offer very affordable lock changing services.

Spare Keys: Get Creative

If you’ve considered hiding or have hidden spare keys under doormats, in a planter next to an entry door, or in some other seemingly inconspicuous area you’re not alone. A large number of homeowners hide spare keys to their homes very close to entryways. While it may seem a good idea those who would seek unlawful or unwanted entry to your home check these places first. You might as well leave the door unlocked for them when you hide keys in these types of areas. Fear should never prevent homeowners from storing spare keys around their home though homeowners simply need to be more creative in where they hide their keys. One great alternative is to hide keys on pets, particularly dogs. While it may seem a good idea to hide keys on pets, feline pets can wander away from a property and may not come back for some more hours which can be a problem when you want immediate entry into your home. Many home improvement stores and even locksmiths sell deceptive devices that look like nothing more than a standard identification or flea collars. However keys can be hidden inside of these collars and used immediately when needed. Dogs don’t wander off and strangers generally won’t approach your dog either.

Hiding In The Bushes

While many homeowners pride themselves on their gardens, luxurious gardens can actually be a boon to would-be burglars. Large trees and bushes provide burglars with a fantastic place to not only hide and wait for you to either leave or go to sleep but excellent locations in which to monitor your property for days and even weeks at a time. Homeowners who want to avoid giving would-be burglars such a place to scope out their homes should seriously consider keeping their bushes and trees well trimmed so that it’s not difficult to see into either of them. A beautiful garden is one thing but one that’s too extravagant may actually be dangerous.

What A Lovely TV!

Another great way to improve the security of a home is to assess what people can see from the street. By simply walking outside and standing either at the curb in front of your home or in the street adjacent to it you can determine exactly what others can see when they pass by our when they stop to look. Large screen TVs, computers, stereo systems, and other expensive items may be visible to passersby. By simply closing blinds or pulling drapes you can prevent your valuables from being seen by those who would seek to take them. If closing your home off the outside world isn’t an option then you may want to seriously consider having your windows tinted so that you can see out but people cannot see in.

Exposed Exterior Wiring

While you may focus heavily on protecting things like furniture, computers, and TVs thieves also look for exposed wiring around homes, especially those made of copper. Copper can be sold for quite a bit of money and while it may not seem as important or as damaging as losing a TV or a computer, thieves can irreparably damage wires and the systems they belong to when stripping copper from wiring. As such it’s important for you and any homeowner for that matter to ensure that their home has no exposed external wiring. Any wiring left out in the open should be considered an invitation to burglars and thieves.

amnonSimple Ways to Improve Home Security Part 1